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Flexible office space management system

With pergolas available as accessories to our QBBY pods, you have a complete freedom to easily divide your office into functional zones. Use them to divide larger spaces, change office layout or just satisfy your employees’ craving for something new and refreshing.

Such zones can be used for meeting, focusing or relaxing, positively influencing employee performance and productivity. They can also accommodate temporary teams working on projects, turning dull, empty space into an environment that’s bursting with ideas!

System elements

The booth equipped with mounting for zones gives the structure the required stability and rigidness.


Roof filling made of felt mesh.


Walls made from 50×50 profiles matching the structure of the booth.

  • Laminated panel
  • Wall without filling
  • Wall with rails in the colour of the frame
  • Wall with insert made of felt (full colour range), eco board (wood-like look), CDF (like the door), powder-coated steel.
Podzespoły systemu - perfectaoffice.com

Elements of the pergolas are available in several sizes, matching the S, M and L booths.

They can be attached to the side and the back of the booth. Their length (2 or 3 m available) determines the size of the roofed zone.

Wymiary ścian - perfectaoffice.com
Ceiling dimensions - perfectraoffice.com

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