Budka telefoniczna do biura L
Właściwości budki akustycznej L - perfectaoffice.com


Four-person booth

Can comfortably accomodate 4 sitting persons or 6 standing participants of a quick meeting.

Perfect for brainstorming, video conferences and team meetings.


is our biggest booth

It can comfortably host up to 6 people with an efficient ventillation system keeping air fresh even during prolonged brainstorms.

It’s big, yet still flexible, so it can easily adapt to your changing needs.


All QBBY pods are built around a steel frame ensuring their stability and toughness.

The door is made of durable CDF panel with tempered glass and a magnetic seal that guarantee airtightness.

The floor has a levelling system and the ceiling hides the electrical and ventilation systems.

Modular construction makes the QBBY phone booths easy to install, expand and rearrange.

Budka telefoniczna do biura
Akustyka budki - perfectaoffice.com

Acoustic insulation

This is by far the most important feature of the QBBY pod. Acoustic panels made from recycled felt insulate the inside and provide privacy.

Our lab is working constantly on improving the performance and efficiency of the QBBY. For us, providing the sound comfort is always a work in progress.

Asymmetric sound insulation

For your comfort and safety, we have developed the asymmetric sound insulation technology.

It makes the conversations held inside the QBBY phone booth inaudible outside, while allowing the occupant of the pod to hear safety alarms and other important sounds.

Budka telefoniczna do biura


Lack of available meeting rooms is a common problem in the office environment.

Setting up additional private space often requires extensive construction works.
That’s where QBBY pods come in! Just pick a spot and make an order.

Use our Configuration Tool to pick colours and materials for the interior and the exterior of your booth.

And if the interior design of your office changes? No worries!

The panels and be easily replaced and the pod can be moved to match your new interiors.

Dostępne kolory - budka akustyczna L

Match your office design

QBBY pods are customisable, so they can stand out or blend in.

Choose the frame and door colors (white/black)

Choose felt color (dark/light gray)

Choose external wall color (6 colors)(6 kolorów)

More than standard

Smart air management system with presence sensor turns ventilation on when you enter the booth and turns it off 5 minutes after leaving.

The light turns on automatically and stays on to let others know the pod is in use.

The ventilation maintains fresh air inside the unoccupied by switching on every 30 minutes.

Safety features of the QBBY pod

  • Push-open door for a quick escape
  • 8 mm-thick laminated glass
  • Efficient ventilation system
  • Steel frame for durability
  • Possibility of fixing the pod to the floor
  • Flame retardant insulation
  • Safe electrical installation (230 V/12 V)

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