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After over 25 years of activity, our products have reached many customers from around the world and we still have the strength and desire to create new solutions.

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We are not afraid to create

Thanks to the support of specialists in various fields, our own machine park, we are sure that our wildest visions can be realized in the quality that meets the customer’s requirements.

Project Management

Perfecta is a company where parallel work on many projects takes place every day. We are sure that everything is going according to plan thanks to modern IT systems (integrated design platform) and specialists supporting them.

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Qualified Production

Even the latest equipment and the best technologies of the world mean little without a qualified production team. Our employees participate in numerous trainings, thanks to which the operation of machines has no secrets for them.

Machine Park

Our machine park and production department are constantly growing. We use modern technologies that make even the most demanding projects possible. Products are made using various technologies, mostly operating on our own machine park.

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Efficient logistics are just as important today as the value of products. A large warehouse space and qualified staff securing our shipments ensures that the product will not only leave us efficient, but also in the same condition will reach the customer anywhere in the world. Experience in packing complicated cabinets and delivery to remote points will definitely be irreplaceable in the HOPinHUB project.

Technologies used in production

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UV Print
CNC Ploters
Steel processing
3D Print
CO2 Laser
Plastic Processing
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The most important thing for continuously changing production id continuous maintenance of high quality level

We care about the quality of our ideas, projects and final products from the very beginning. It is thanks to her that we have built a brand that inspires confidence. We have learned a lot in the meantime, regardless of which we always try to maintain the highest possible level. We believe that good quality defends itself and we are sure that products leaving the warehouse are simply impeccable.

Since 2016, our quality system has been operating based on the ISO 9001: 2015 standard

This standard is audited annually and is constantly maintained by us to provide our customers with high quality products supplied to them. In addition, we use models such as RACI, KAIZEN, 5S and others that support quality during production and design.

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