Deam Team dealing with a Booth Project

Specialists in every field needed influence the quick implementation of the project.


Tomek Banaś
Sales Leader

Covers – overall sales


After work: I play with the children, they have very nice toys, I walk and ride a bike,

I am interested in: automotive.

What I do not like: crookedly parked cars

I like: punctuality, animals,


Marcin Szczebak
Lider projektu budki

Covers – the whole project

After work: I try to be a good dad, I ride a bike, I learn a lot by listening to smart people on TED and Audiobooks.

I am interested in: psychology, engineering and so-called “Leadership”.

I don’t like: Mondays, early flights and monotony.

I like: solving technical challenges and … bikes

Grzegorz Stefański
Sales Manager

Covers – sales and marketing

After work: I play music and do some handcrafting

I’m interested in: new technologies, music and theater

I don’t line: loosing

I like: people


Jarek Michnacki
Lead Designer

Covers – design of a small booth


After work: Family, trips to the forest.

I don’t like: Strong coffee and burned aluminum

I like: DIY, contact with nature, bicycle trips and an angle of 90 degrees.


Rafał Trafalski
Lead Designer

Covers – design of a large booth


After work: I rest, work, read, photograph, watch movies, run (sometimes), climb (in winter), pick mushrooms (in autumn).

I am interested in: photography, design.

I don’t like: boredom, stress, mindless decisions, ignorant people, mosquitoes, short days.

I like: Cats, mountains, forest, magic hours, winter in the mountains, red borscht with dumplings.


Michał Gabruk

Covers – website


After work: I sleep, eat and go back to work.

I am interested in: design, technology, sport, travel.

I don’t like: coffee particles in sugar.

I like: setting goals and implementing them in every area of my life.


Marek Sieczkowski
KiS’s Boss, Analyst

Covers – costs and prices


After work: I try to cut myself off and relax with a good movie.

I am interested in: numbers as an analyst

I don’t like: flying but I’m trying to change it

I like: reading, bike trips with my family,


Michał Krajewski
Lider ds. Jakości

Covers – quality of the product and process

After work: family, cycling.

I am interested in: hiking and biking, especially discovering new routes.

I don’t like: slyness on the roads, warm beer.

I like: being in constant motion, mountain landscapes.


Rafał Marszałek

Covers – design, color-range


After work: gym, jogging, relax, cinema.

I am interested in: technology, engineering, design, architecture, automotive, industrial design.

I don’t like: routine.

I like: morning coffee, challenges, long car journeys, jogging, gym, automotive, DIY (create, repair, improve).


Gosia Turkiewicz

Covers – booths delivery


After work: I play with my daughter, learn to play the piano with her, and read books.

I am interested in: rock music, fantasy and DIY literature.

I don’t like: cold, crowds and chaos,

I like: transparency and good organization


Wojtek Andryszczak

Covers – large booth project


After work: Family, forest excursions, hunting.

I am interested in: Automotive, inventions

I don’t like: Strong coffee

I like: DIY, contact with nature, cold beer

How the idea was born

Modern open spaces allow for the zones to mix together freely, and hence providing constant cooperation, non-stop chatting and a never-ending bustle.

That’s why there is a growing demand for finding a calm place for a comfortable conversation, a moment of silence for your task, which right now requires you to focus, or just a place to take a short break from the noise. These needs can be satisfied in very simple steps, such as a phone booth.

Idee -