In modern work environment we value our well-being just as much as pay cheque, if not more. That’s why we’re focusing on creating solutions that will bring your employees and coworkers better conditions without bringing you a head-ache.

Studies show increasingly that providing sound comfort leads to happier, more productive employees. Yet, it can be difficult with restricted office size. Compacted, ergonomically designed and customizable sound booths QBBY are what will allow your co-workers to take calls or arrange meetings comfortably, without losing touch with the rest of the office. Boost productivity, take care of your employees and show of with modern design – all in one QBBY.


of workers deliver higher quality work after reducing workplace distraction


is needed to refocus of complex tasks after distraction


employees said office distractions made it hard to conduct phone calls and 93% – video calls

How many people are hopping in?




Straightforward and effective. Perfect for taking calls or simply isolating away for more focused work.

One-on-one meeting booth. When you need to have a discussion but don’t want to disturb other co-workers.

Full-on, yet compact. For your brainstorming sessions, team meetings and every time when you need more people on board.



Safety first

…and we not only mean the safety of the user of the booth. While QBBY is equipped with plenty of safety features, like laminated glass and quick-exit system, that’s not all.

We also mean safety for your business venture. Our company is well established with over 25 years of experience in business, and offers full support for the customers. We cherish your safety and our long-term relationship.



You have an office space. But you don’t want to get into construction business just for an extra meeting room, right? That’s where we come in. Forget about lengthy planning and red-taping half of the office for weeks. Just choose a spot and place an order.

Use our Configuration Tool to pick your favourite colours and materials for both interior and exterior of your booth. And if you ever change your mind? Panels can be easily replaced and booth can even be moved!


Boost productivity

We all know that problem – it seems that there’s perpetual lack of secluded spaces in every office, no matter how big or small. And we also know the benefits of open space, so why don’t we have both? You can have a fully-equipped, yet compact meeting room without the cost of building extra partitions in your office space.

Whether you need to focus on your own, take a quiet call or brainstorm with your team – QBBY will fit you all in. And fit all your needs.

that get us
even closer to you

Inside the QBBY project we care about using highest quality materials, newest technologies and creating products that will suit all your needs. But we realize that product itself is not the end of the road! That’s why we’re partnering with the biggest and most demanding brands in delivering QBBY to your office doors.

Who we are?


We’re focusing on predicting your needs, envisioning solutions and seeking even more improvement when we’re done.

Our team consists of creative and highly skilled specialists. Whether it’s a product designer, mechanical engineer or project manager – they’re all their own kind of inventors, bringing valuable input every step of the way. 

We’re not just a store-front – we have our own creative labs, machine park, production line and logistic warehouse. That allows us to test solutions, tweak our booths to perfection and bring to life new, bold visions.

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