Step into your comfort zone with office booth

Some say that in order to grow, you undoubtedlymust step out of your comfort zone. Some people say that in order to thrive, you undoubtedly need to step out of your comfort zone.
This may be true, but we believe that to grow as an employee, you must do just the opposite.

A modern office space is anything but peaceful.

Don’t you wish you could just close the door on all this chatter and work in peace? Now you can do this without leaving the office. Step into your QBBY sound-proof pod and focus on that report or make that important phone call. Step into your comfort zone.


of employees deliver higher quality work after reducing workplace distraction

30 min

time needed to refocus on a complex task after being distracted


of employees say office distraction makes it hard to conduct video calls


of employees say office distraction makes it hard to conduct phone calls

Best of both worlds

The pandemic has taught us that working from home certainly has its benefits in terms of employee productivity and focus. But we also learned that when it comes to brainstorming and coming up with creative ideas, nothing beats the good old invigorating office atmosphere.

So, why not have both? Impossible? Not with QBBY pods!

Their design gives the employee a distraction-free place to focus on a given task without leaving the office. Smart and portable, they can be placed anywhere in the office without the need for expensive construction works.

Budka telefoniczna do biura

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QBBY acoustic booths for conversation, work and meetings.

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Budka telefoniczna do biura S
Budka akustyczna - QBBY S+

Simple and effective. Your personal comfort zone when you need to make an important call or focus in peace.

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Budka telefoniczna do biura
Budka akustyczna - QBBY M+

One-on-one meeting booth. Ideal for intense, private discussions and collaboration.

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Budka telefoniczna do biura L
Budka akustyczna - QBBY L+

Great small conference room. Perfect for brainstorming, video conferences and team meetings.

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QBBY – a sum of great ideas

Partnerships that bring us even closer to you!

QBBY means highest quality materials, latest technologies and striving to suit all your needs. But even the best product fails when it cannot reach those who would benefit from using it. That’s why we have partnered with the biggest and most demanding brands to deliver QBBY phone booths straight to you office.

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